International Students' Exam (YÖS - 2021)

General Information About The Exam

  • MCBUYOS Application Period : 05.07.2021 - 29.07.2021
  • MCBUYOS Examination Date : 05.08.2021
  • Application place and fee:

    TURKEY : 450 ₺

    OTHER COUNTRIES : 50 € / 55 $

  • Manisa Celal Bayar University International Student Entrance Exam (MCBU-YOS), is an exam for international students who want to study at Manisa Celal Bayar University in Türkiye.
  • The exam will be held by the MCBU-YOS Coordinatorship.
  • MCBU-YOS exam results are valid for two years.
  • Applications for MCBU-YOS exam will be made online in Turkish, English, French and Arabic.
  • All correspondence (e-mail, mail, fax, etc.) between the candidates and the exam coordinator will be in Turkish and English. The MCBU-YOS Coordinatorship is not responsible for delays in correspondence or loss of communication materials. However, candidates who do not want to take the Turkish MCBU-YOS exam can take MCBU-YOS in English.
  • MCBU-YOS Coordinatorship is not responsible for any loss or delay that may occur in the delivery of documents and vehicles. Candidates can choose any language provided by the MCBU-YOS Coordinatorship for the exam and application process.
  • MCBU-YOS exam results are only used for students who want to follow undergraduate education (only for undergraduate). MCBU-YOS is not available for students wishing to transfer from one Higher Education Institution to another Higher Education Institution for postgraduate study.
  • MCBU-YOS Coordinatorship does not interfere with (or mediate) visa or passport procedures for the candidates to leave their home countries for exam purposes.
  • Exam fees will not be reflected in the following years. Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances: withdrawn applications, invalid applications, students who did not take the exam for any reason, students excluded from the exam, invalid or failed exams, double payments or non-compulsory payments.
The rules contained in this guide can be changed at any time in accordance to any decision taken by the Higher Education Council of Turkey and CBU Senate. Any measures that need to be taken in relation to these changes will be determined by CBU Executive Board and MCBU-YOS Coordinating Office. Matters that need to be resolved (and not included in this guide) will also be decided by this office.

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